Expo 2023 – Episode 36 – Advanced Tech Feature: Roughness vs Waviness

2023-05-15T13:23:34-07:00May 16, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Tech Features|1 Comment

In this episode Lake takes us back to Jasper Engines & Transmissions in Jasper, Indiana for a dive into the difference between roughness and waviness, and why waviness is such an important factor in ensuring uniform clamping force on the gasket — especially today’s multi-layered steel (MLS) gaskets.

We get some insight on the difference between roughness (think the height of the grass), and waviness (the hills on which the grass is growing).

The guys also demonstrate how “skidless” profilometers play a key role in identifying waviness, and discuss some of the troubleshooting steps you should go through to determine what is causing the waviness (e.g., machine out of balance, off-centered fly cutter, lack of squareness, etc.)

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