Expo 2023 – Episode 39 – Roundtable Discussion: Surface Finish

2023-05-25T10:34:51-07:00May 26, 2023|2023, Mini Series, Roundtable Discussions|0 Comments

Wrapping up the series on cylinder honing and surface finish (episodes 36, 37 and 38), Expo host Joe Castello and Lake Speed Jr hold a roundtable discussion on surface finish with Ed Kiebler (Rottler Manufacturing), Chuck Lynch (AERA Engine Builders Association), Mark Malburg (Digital Metrology), Bill Godbold (Godbold Engineering) and Charles Navarro (LN Engineering).

The guys discuss what makes surface texture critical to eliminating component failures, and why being able to visualize the surface profile is better than simply trying to hit a specific number on the profilometer.

They also talk about the roles materials and geometry play in getting to the right finish, and reveal the secrets of using surface engineering to go from a 5%-10% performance improvement to 100% or more (hint: it’s all about reducing load).

An absolute master class in surface finish, this episode is one every engine builder will want to watch multiple times.

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