Expo 2023 – Episode 38 – Advanced Teach Feature: Cross Hatch Angle

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Continuing our series on cylinder finishes, in this episode Lake Speed Jr takes us to Rottler Manufacturing’s HQ in Kent, Washington to meet up with Rottler’s Ed Keibler and get an advanced course in vertical honing and why cross hatch angle is such an important part of what Lake likes to call the “ring seal soup.”

The guys delve into subjects like roughing, “extreme plateau,” and achieving the ideal cross hatch angle for optimal oil transport within the cylinder.

They also talk about how today’s vertical hones, like those from Rottler, work the way they do, as well as why Scooter Brothers’ favorite saying “you can’t improve what you can’t measure” should always be top of mind when you’re looking to give your engine’s cylinder walls that perfect cross hatch angle.

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