Episode 32 – Advanced Tech Feature: Reverse Blueprinting

2022-11-08T09:55:52-08:00October 30, 2022|Mini Series, Season 2, Tech Features|0 Comments

In this episode Lake Speed Jr heads west to Arizona to see Ben Strader at EFI University and see how tech can help provide answers to performance engine problems.

Ben and Lake show how microscopic inspection can reveal hidden wear and flaws in engine parts that result in failure. The pair also delve into metallurgy and how microscopic examination can reveal dirt, scratches and other flaws that can lead to lower (and occasionally, higher) performance.

After the segment we return to the studio where Lake and Joe are joined by Mark Campbell of Edelbrock to talk about the latest from one of the legendary leaders in speed performance parts.

Episode originally aired live on January 13, 2022

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