Expo 2021 – EFI vs. Carburetor Tuning Do’s & Don’ts

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In episode 26, EFI University’s Ben Strader takes us to school on engine tune-up and break-in.

He’s first joined by Total Seal’s Keith Jones for a whiteboard session on lubrication, “right finish, right ring”, and the myth of the “fat tune.”

After the whiteboard segment Ben takes us into the shop for a deep dive into the new generation of carburetors and EFI units available to engine builders.

Finally, we head back in studio where Ben joins Lake Speed Jr for a deep dive Q&A session with the viewing audience on everything from basic tune-up to diagnosing problems like fuel washing the cylinders to the pros and cons of carburetor versus EFI.

Note: this video includes the “lost segment” on EFI which didn’t run during the Expo because of a technical glitch.

(Segment originally aired live on January 8, 2021)

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