Expo 2021 – Episode 4: Surfaces Finishes and Sealing

2023-08-28T10:53:48-07:00August 29, 2023|Mini Series, Season 1, Tech Features|0 Comments

In this episode from day 1 of Expo 2021, the AERA’s Chuck Lynch takes us through the ins and outs of surface finishes and sealing, and takes Q&A on their effect on gasket seal in an era moving away from the thicker, less flexible gaskets of old.

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Expo 2024 – Episode 14: Software to Make Balancing Easy

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Joe and Lake are joined by Randy Neal of CWT Industries for a short segment on using software and tech to take the time and hassle out of balancing crankshafts.

Expo 2024 – Episode 13: Choosing Abrasives for the Right Plateau Hone

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We head down to the shop floor for a hands-on dive into how to choose and use the right abrasive to get the perfect plateau for your honing work

Expo 2024 – Episode 12: Interview with Legend of Pro Stock Mike Valerio

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Expo hosts Joe and Lake sit down with Pro Stock Legend Mike Valerio for a wide-ranging interview on Valerio’s remarkable career and impact on Pro Stock racing

Expo 2024 – Episode 11: Seat & Guide Work with BES Racing Engines

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We head to Guilford, IN, home of BES Racing Engines to sit down with Tony Bischoff and Darren Morgan for a deep dive session on seat and guide work.

Expo 2024 – Episode 10: Surface Finish Whiteboard Session

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Billy Godbold and Digital Metrology's Mark Malburg deliver a masterclass in surface finish and determining the right one for your engine application

Expo 2024 – Episode 9: Using a Blow By Meter

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This is a short segment on why if you load your engine on the dyno for testing you measure engine blow by and see how engine modifications affect performance

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